An exhibition of contemporary graphic drawing by four artists:Tom G. Adriani, Jonathan Comerford, Glenn Ibbitson and myself, Nazir Tanbouli.

For the four of us, graphic drawing is the very foundation of all of our artwork, I personally believe in graphic drawing as the great medium of communication with the general public, it's a very profound form of expression that deals with both spoken and unspoken gestures and emotions, Graphic drawing is often looked down at by many "establishments" who have got great interest in maintaining many elitist notions in relation to art and culture. But I believe that Graphic drawing is the bread and butter of creative communication. Therefore, this exhibition is an introduction for a series of events which will include these artists and many others in the near future. This year's program in Studio 75 we seek to question and test the capability of graphic drawing to the limit, within different contexts. Nazir Tanbouli 1/2011


Jonathan Comerford

Jonathan Comerford's works portray his interest in the notion of transference migration by people, whether forced or due to circumstance, an interest that continues as a visual thread throughout much of his work. It has manifested from his own familial history, the immigration by boat of his British parents and attempt at assimilation into the insidious cultural and racial division of Apartheid, to his existential migration to his historical “cultural home.”

His current work portrays this transference from Africa to Britain through the use of imagery harvested from the environment he currently inhabits. The use of the wooden pallet, traffic cone and skip, iconic objects of the urban London landscape, illustrates his continued socio political commentary on migration, consumerism, power, politics, war, discrimination and a multi cultural society born of colonisation and the effects.


Glen Ibbitson

Described recently as a “Creative Schizophrenic, Glenn is a painter, printmaker, film-maker and collagist. His art covers a broad range of subject matter; landscape, interiors, still-life, portraiture and life painting, all rendered in a representational idiom. Data from several sources may be processed to form tableaux; simultaneously convincingly realised, yet visually discordant.

The monotype collection "Consignment" exhibited here developed from an initial theme of escapology, the composition of the figure tightly enclosed within the confines of the frame suggests simultaneously both cell and refuge or hiding place.

Tom G. Adriani

Tom G Adriani graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2005. He has exhibited in the Northern Gallery For Contemporary Art, the Factory Berlin, Somerset House, the St Pancras Crypt Gallery and Shoreditch Town Hall. His drawing is based on the foundation of storytelling and mark making. He uses these to unearth and explore the things that creep unannounced into his imagination. He sees the work he makes as trapped daydreams, and is fascinated by the process of using paint and ink to render thoughts visible and living a life of their own.

Nazir Tanbouli

Since the very beginning of my career, I have been a figurative, narrative and expressive artist. I work in painting, drawing, mural and, more recently, printmaking.

I am mainly interested in exploring “the human condition;” more specifically, the human condition and the circumstances of my generation. I am deeply interested in story and myth as a visual and intellectual frame work. Story-telling is basic to our human need and ability to communicate with one another, and storytelling includes religious tales, mythology, fairy-tales, folk tales, urban myth, recorded history; even news and advertisement contains or conjures up stories.